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Bali's newest (and best value) wellness retreat

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Wanting to go on a retreat that's packed full of wellness but also has a great cocktail menu? Where you can eat healthy food that’s also delicious? A retreat with yoga thrown in but preferably not next to the Gisele Bundchen look-alike who’s currently relaxing in the bound side crow pose (see below)? Where the biggest decision of your day is to choose between a healthy green juice and a healthy red juice?

Then the Villa Sagitta wellness retreat is for you! We've designed it for those guests who want a spectacular setting, some yoga, massage (both offered in-house), a few of the local sights, delicious and healthy food and lots of downtime - a non-prescriptive retreat, not a bootcamp!

Women doing bound side crow yoga pose
Stephanie Birch on Instagram (@stephynow)

We've included the following in our retreat package:

  • 7 nights accommodation

  • 2 airport transfers to and from the airport (in case not everyone arrives on the same flight)

  • 6 sessions of group yoga

  • 6 massages per person

  • Daily breakfast

  • A second meal daily

  • Balinese rijstafel dinner (buffet-style Balinese feast)

  • A day trip with our driver

  • A private guided walk through our neighbouring rice fields and village

  • Limitless tea, coffee, WiFi, water from the water dispenser

  • 6 staff members to provide housekeeping, cooking and concierge services

  • Free gift

Leaving lots of downtime to relax, enjoy the pool or wander into Ubud. For pricing, more information and frequently asked questions you can link to our wellness retreat page here. If you require anything further please send us an email.

Indigineous forest in Ubud, Bali
The view from the yoga deck...


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