The sagitta Wellness Retreat

7-night Package

So many of our guests at Sagitta say the same thing: “It’s so beautiful, so calm, so tranquil, so quintessentially Balinese – you should offer retreats!”

While one thing Bali does not lack is retreats, we’ve put together an offering which we think meets an unfulfilled need in the Balinese wellness retreat market. Our retreats are aimed at people who want rest and recreation, to return home healthier and calmer having had a break from their real life.  Those who want wellness but not to the exclusion of a good cocktail, yoga (you might even be a true beginner) but not in an intimidating environment - with a lot of downtime, massages and a couple of sights thrown in. 

Why a Villa Sagitta retreat?

Villa Sagitta epitomises spiritual Bali, celebrating the lush natural beauty of the earth in which the Balinese ground themselves.  It’s set on a magnificent gorge, near the temple where local villagers go about their daily rituals set by the rhythm of a culture that is thousands of years old.

We sweat the small stuff to make your stay memorable – branded amenities, a nightly turn down service, and a willing, friendly and responsive villa team.

Sagitta now offers the benefits of a retreat, encompassing the yoga, massages and healthy fresh food you would expect, but at the same time also provides a relaxed, flexible approach for you and your group of friends or partners.

We provide daily red and green juices, healthy fresh meals and invite you to greet the sun on the yoga deck, but you get to choose your level of commitment to the wellness regimen, and to the day’s activities.  It’s your retreat, and we want you to leave this very special place well rested and relaxed with a sense of wellbeing.


Our Sagitta-style wellness philosophy:

  • Flexibility in your schedule is key – you tell us what time you would like your breakfast, massage or your group yoga class - it’s your break after all!

  • Downtime is key – that book has been waiting for ages for a good holiday!

  • You are on vacation, not at bootcamp – so yes, that cocktail is available!




Who would benefit?

Anyone wanting a relaxed, stress-free wellness getaway, with all the benefits of a retreat offered in-house. You never have to leave the villa if you don’t want to…

The joy of our retreat packages is that they are completely non-prescriptive. The days will go with your flow, suiting your group’s needs, abilities and ages on the fly – when you want to eat, when you want to do group yoga, have a massage or go on a day outing will be entirely up to you. 



7 nights’ accommodation at Villa Sagitta.


Airport transfers

Two vehicles providing a transfer and from the airport (in case not everybody arrives on the same flight), in other words, four trips in total during your stay.


In-house yoga

Six sessions of group yoga on our purpose-built outdoor, undercover yoga deck with ironwood flooring, with spectacular views over the river gorge and the ancient village temple.  You’d have to search long and hard to find a deck with a similar view on the island – breathtaking!


The yoga sessions include:

  • A qualified yoga teacher who can teach different disciplines at different levels as required

  • Yoga mats

  • Yoga equipment such as blocks, straps etc

  • Towels

  • Bottled water

Daily breakfast

Breakfast includes tropical fruit grown at the villa, healthy green and red juices (some of the best on the island in our opinion), muesli, yoghurt (and other options too – a cooked breakfast and a delicious banana pancake).

Second daily meal

You can choose a second daily meal at the villa, either lunch or dinner as a group.  We have a simple but comprehensive menu which includes a delicious selection of Balinese and Western dishes – you can choose a variety of dishes for the table or everybody can order their own dish. 


Balinese Rijstafel

This buffet-style evening feast is a highlight of our guests’ stays.  It has a wide variety of Balinese food – just delicious. 

This is what some of our previous guests have had to say about the food at Villa Sagitta:


The food at the villa can’t be understated - we had beautifully prepared Balinese dishes and western food alike all served with all the little touches you’ve come to expect from fine dining establishments.

Outinsacramento, USA, October 2018, as reviewed on TripAdvisor


Highlights include the ayam curry which was incredibly fine and good ... but also the nasi and the mie goreng, and finally the last evening the buffet with multiple dishes all as good as each other! 

Emilie TraLyon, Lyon, France June 2019, as reviewed on TripAdvisor


The villa was absolutely beautiful, the staff were wonderful and the food was the best we had in Bali.

Meander751209, August 2018, as reviewed on TripAdvisor


The meals every morning and night were delicious and great value!

Jen D, Sydney, Australia, July 2019, as reviewed on TripAdvisor


All meals were delicious.

jhamiter2018, USA, August 2018, as reviewed on TripAdvisor


This villa included breakfast with lots of variety, fresh fruit and strong Balinese coffee and tea. Our food was wonderful.

teacher34, July 2019, as reviewed on TripAdvisor


The package includes six massages per person.  We have two massage beds at the villa, our staff can organise your massage at any time that suits you.


Day trip

We will organise a single free day trip for you anywhere within central and southern Bali.  Our wonderful driver, Ketut, who speaks excellent English, will transport you wherever you want to go.  We have a menu of possible options, but it is extremely flexible.


Guided walk

Many of our guests are interested in seeing how a traditional Balinese village is laid out and functions.  Our staff will take you on a private guided walk through our village and neighbouring rice fields.


Free extras

We offer limitless tea, Balinese coffee, water from the water dispenser, WiFi and six staff, including our villa manager, to provide housekeeping, cook and organise concierge services for you throughout your stay.


Free gift

We like to say thank you, so we include a small gift for each guest.



  • Airfares

  • Additional transfers, day trips, beverages, additional yoga sessions and additional massages, alcohol and meals not offered as part of the package.

  • We are very happy to offer concierge services for restaurant bookings, additional tours, courses etc as part of our service.  The activity itself is for your account.


2020 Package Price (for a minimum of six people for 7 nights):

USD 5 950 (or $142 per person per night), thereafter USD 990 per person up to 12 people.

Fewer than six people are welcome to book but the package price remains USD 5 950.




How many people can book the package per retreat?

Our package is designed for between 6 and 12 people.  The price is for a minimum of six people and thereafter is charged at a per person rate. If you are fewer than 6 people you will still need to pay the minimum package price.


How do the sleeping arrangements work?

We have six bedrooms (all en-suite).  We can sleep a total of 12 people. Either 6 people in separate bedrooms, 9 people in separate beds and up to 12 people sharing beds in the following configuration (scroll through the slideshow below):

Can I book as an individual retreatant?

Unfortunately not. We only book the retreats for pre-organised groups: friends, family, corporate groups or forums.


Are there specific dates set aside for retreats?

No, you can book at any time of the year that we have 7-night availability that suits you.

How long is the retreat?

You need to book for a minimum of 7 nights but you can stay longer if you prefer.  The good news is that if you do decide to stay longer we offer a 10% discount on the extra nights’ accommodation.

This 10% discount offer includes staying at our Candidasa villa, Cocoa Maya, before or after the 7-day retreat, and includes a free transfer between Sagitta and Cocoa Maya. This does not affect your transfers to and from the airport – these are still included regardless of your arrival or departure villa.


What do we eat?

Breakfast and one additional meal daily is included in your package. You are under no obligation to eat your third meal at the villa, although you are very welcome to – Ubud has many world-class restaurants to explore.

Breakfast is arranged as a buffet: fresh fruit partly supplied from our garden; healthy red and green juices (or freshly squeezed fruit juice), yoghurt and muesli. In addition, we offer a cooked component if you would like it – your choice of eggs (fried, poached, scrambled or omelette), bacon, toast or a banana pancake.


For your second daily meal at the villa, either lunch or dinner as a group, you can choose a selection of dishes for the table or everybody can order their own dish.  The meals can be tailormade to your health and wellness requirements.


How do we travel out and about?

We have a driver, Ketut, who speaks excellent English, and a vehicle that will always be available for your use.  Ketut’s vehicle seats 7 passengers.  If your group is bigger than that we have access to a 12-seater vehicle as well.

How do we organise extra activities and outings?

Our staff will happily help you book additional activities, make restaurant reservations and advise you on local sights.  We also send you our digital welcome book before your arrival, which has loads of local information, our restaurant suggestions, sights and travel tips.


What if we're celebrating something?

We love celebrations!  If anyone in your group has a celebration (or if your retreat is in celebration of something), please let us know so we can help to make it even more special!


Do we have to do everything as a group?

Not at all.  Our driver and car is available to transport members of your group wherever they would like to go.  If others want to stay at the villa during that time that’s perfectly fine too.

What if we want to do some kind of spiritual healing?

Although it's not included in the package price, there are many different kinds of spiritual healing treatments available in Ubud.  We can help you organise treatments as an individual, or if the group wants to participate we can organise it in-house for you if possible.

What if we need to cancel?

Please see here for all the details regarding our cancellation policy and booking procedure.


Do we need travel insurance?

It is highly recommended that all guests take travel insurance to cover the eventuality of a cancellation.









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