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How four "Bali chickies" fell in love with the Villa Sagitta Dream Team

Judi Stowell, The Last Wonton blogger from Canada, has sent us part two of her friends' journey through Bali, sharing why they fell in love with the team at Villa Sagitta.

If you enjoyed Part 1, you will definitely enjoy Part 2.

Here is a snippet from her blog:

Drum roll please........ Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I am tickled to present......

The Villa Sagitta Dream Team ~ from left to right ~ Rai, Katon Joy, Yande (Villa Manager) and Agus.

Not only do these dudes attend to, and take care of the villa, like only they can, they take care of the guests with irresistible charm and effortless efficiency. Our wants, needs, whims and meals, were looked after promptly, and happily. Most often with a smile, and a song.

These guys, this staff, at Villa Sagitta, almost make me want to say to all other Villas and Staff.........I double dog dare you, to do better. Just sayin'....the bar has been set, and it's mighty high.

Suksma, Yande, Agus, Joy, Rai and Katon!! You guys rock!

And then there is Ketut, the 'on-call' driver for Villa Sagitta. The friendly, locally knowledgeable guy, who'll come pretty much at the drop of a hat, when an outing is in order. Or should I say, when the guide books and pamphlets are spread across the lanai table and maybe-lets-do-this chatter, turns into a plan stan. Yande is notified, Ketut is called. The next thing you know four happy chickies, with a game plan are eagerly piling into an awaiting vehicle, with Ketut at the wheel, eager to please and appease.

Whether it's just a short jaunt into the buzz of Ubud to shop and gawk, or a little further afar to see batik being made, or a wood carving spot where three generations of the same family are creating beauty to behold, or to that restaurant that you found on TripAdvisor before you even left home, that serves up the best of the best, or, or, or .......

For outings, long or short, for daytripping, when staying at Villa Sagitta, Ketut is your man. And you'll be glad he is.

And so the story goes, of our lovely stay, at what we can only call an enchanted, old world Bali, villa, snuggled into the jungley hillside of the mystical Pakersian Valley UNESCO site.

"Within the cradle of this valley are prehistoric and pre-Majaphahit archaeological sites. It is indeed a spectacular sight. This ravine, located between rice fields, is the home of magnificent stone carved shrines that honor 11th century royalty." Coolio, right?! Vs13

Ahhh, but...... it is the nearby rice fields, that sidle up to long, palm-fringed, narrow country roads, that pass by the very essence of Balinese rural life, that caught our attention and hugged it tight.

Yande, the villa manager, was kind enough to escort us through this area that has been his home forever and a day. As we sauntered these rural lanes, just up from Villa Sagitta, Yande enlightened us with his delightful show-and-tell commentary.

So what's a girl to do, you ask.

Saunter further. The four of us were completely in sync with each other. We were all quietly giddy, as we marveled at the vibrant purity, of this perspective, of the timelessness of Balinese village life… To read the complete blog post click here.

Another fun read with wonderful photos of Bali village life - thank you Judi.

P.S. Judi also stayed at our Villa Cocoa Maya in Candidasa – read her blog


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